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In order to put safety and health first, not only for our community, but for the public we serve, the full and A terms of Summer Quarter will be offered remotely. Most B term courses will also be offered remotely.

Summer Quarter - University Of Washington

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Summer Quarter

Take advantage of open enrollment at a world-class university.

Make Your Summer Count at the UW

Summer Quarter at the University of Washington offers the opportunity for anyone to take a course at one of the world’s top universities. Find a course that fits your needs and learn something new at the UW.

Pick From a Wide Variety of Courses

You can study just about anything you want at the UW in the summer. Choose from more than 1,000 classes in more than 100 fascinating fields of study, from anthropology to zoology. 

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Learn More in Less Time

Pack more in with condensed classes, including intensive foreign language courses and two shorter terms.

Learn a Foreign Language

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Take a UW Class From Anywhere

With online learning options, you can take a UW class from wherever you are this summer — in Seattle or across the world. 

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