The information on this site relates to Summer Quarter 2018. Details about Summer Quarter 2019 will be available in early February. To get the latest Summer Quarter news, sign up for email updates.

uw campus fountainCourses & Programs

Summer Quarter at the University of Washington offers a huge variety of courses and programs — nearly 2,000 courses in more than 100 fields of study. No matter what your goals or interests are, you’ll find a program or class to meet your needs and spark your interest to keep learning.

Campus Courses

The majority of Summer Quarter classes meet on the UW campus in Seattle, but there are also summer classes held at UW Tacoma and UW Bothell. See the Campus Courses page for more information about campus course locations and what courses are available.

Online Courses

UW Summer Quarter offers a select number of courses completely online, meaning you can access all course materials no matter where you are. See the Online Courses page for more information about these courses.

Course Length

Summer Quarter is divided into A Term and B Term, each lasting four-and-a-half weeks. Some courses span just one term while others extend over both (full term). See the Key Dates & Deadlines page for more details.

Special Summer Courses and Programs

The UW offers a number of special courses and programs that are only available during Summer Quarter, including intensive foreign language offerings, intensive science courses and summer certificate programs. See each page for more information about these courses and programs.

Note: Enrollment in UW Summer Quarter does not constitute admission to the University of Washington. For more information on applying to become a matriculated (degree-seeking) student, visit the Office of Admissions website.