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Summer Sessions

Tuition & Fees

Summer Sessions at the University of Washington is open to all — both matriculated and nonmatriculated students. Matriculated students are those currently seeking a degree at the University of Washington. Nonmatriculated students are those taking courses at the UW but not seeking a degree.

Find Tuition & Fees

The following dashboards provide current tuition information for students at all UW campuses:

To find tuition and fees for your course, follow these general steps. For additional information, see the instructions tab on each of the dashboards as well as the notes below.

  1. Select the undergraduate or graduate dashboard depending on student and/or class level
  2. Click the Quarterly button
  3. Under Campus, select Bothell, Seattle or Tacoma
  4. Under Residency, select Resident or Nonresident
  5. Select Student Level (varies)
  6. Under Quarter Name, select Summer 2024
  7. Under Quarterly Credit Hours, select number

Important Tuition Notes

  • Residency: Washington state students pay resident tuition. Out-of-state students pay nonresident tuition, even when taking online courses.
  • Student Level: Nonmatriculated students taking only undergraduate courses pay undergraduate tuition. Students who take one or more graduate courses (500-level or above) pay a higher tuition for all courses, regardless of course level. Matriculated students pay tuition based on their classification as undergraduate, graduate or professional.
  • Fees: Besides tuition, Summer Sessions students also pay a number of required fees, including the services and activities fee.

More Information