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Summer Sessions

Professionals & Other Learners

Summer Sessions is a great time for anyone thinking of taking a college course to check out the University of Washington. Learn a foreign language, hone your job skills, fulfill professional development requirements or pursue a passion — whatever your goal is, you can make it happen at the UW in the summer.

Why UW Summer Sessions?

  • Career Boost: Build your resume and gain valuable skills that can help you further your current career or transition to a new field.
  • Stimulating Classes: Pursue a long-held interest or explore something new and different.
  • Top Teachers: Learn from well-respected UW faculty and instructors.
  • The UW Experience: Get back to the classroom in an engaging atmosphere on the scenic UW campus.

Diverse Course Selection

professional learner at computer

What’s your academic or professional interest? With more than 1,000 courses covering more than 100 areas of study offered at UW during the summer, you’re sure to find something that will spark your curiosity or help you get ahead in your career.

If you’re a teacher or other educator, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for professional development. Take classes with leaders in the field of education and meet your continuing education requirements.

Special Access

The UW Access program allows Washington state residents ages 60 and older to audit courses on a space-available basis, including Summer Sessions offerings. Members of the program will find a wide variety of subjects to explore for personal and career enrichment.

UW employees can also take advantage of Summer Sessions. Employees who want to take Summer Sessions courses are able to use their tuition exemption benefits.


To learn more about what’s available during Summer Sessions, see the UW Time Schedule or MyPlan. For more information on how to register for summer courses, see the page How to Register — Non-UW Students.

Summer Foreign Language Offerings

The UW offers one of the country’s largest intensive foreign language summer programs. Choose from courses in everything from American Sign Language to Swahili.