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Summer Sessions

U.S. High School Students

Summer Sessions is a great time for anyone thinking of taking a college course to check out the University of Washington — including U.S. high school students. Find out what college classes are really like, earn UW credit and check out our scenic campus by taking a course this summer.

Why UW Summer Sessions?

  • The UW Experience. Attend classes in an engaging atmosphere on a classic university campus.
  • College Credit. Earn college credit and start building your UW transcript.
  • Diverse Student Body. Study alongside current UW students, adults and students from abroad.
  • Top Teachers. Learn from well-respected UW faculty and instructors.

Wide Variety of Courses

young students sitting outside together

With nearly 1,000 courses offered in more than 100 different fields of study at the UW in the summer, there is something that will appeal to any adventurous high school student. To learn more about what’s available during UW Summer Sessions, see the UW Time Schedule or MyPlan.

In most cases, 100-level classes will be the best fit for high school students. In MyPlan, you can search by course level. If you have any questions about what courses to take, we recommend that you check with your high school counselor.


For information on how to register for Summer Sessions courses, see the page How to Register — U.S. High School Students.

Eligibility Requirements

U.S. high school students interested in attending the UW during Summer Sessions must have completed eighth grade or its equivalent by June 30 of the upcoming Summer Sessions. If you won’t be 18 years of age on the first day of Summer Sessions (June 17, 2024), you and your parent or guardian must sign an Under 18 Consent Form. We need signed forms from both you and your parent or guardian before we can process your application.

Academic Credit

High school students taking Summer Sessions courses will establish a UW transcript. Grades earned in the summer are included in a student’s GPA if they later enroll at the UW as a matriculated (degree-seeking) student. In most cases, credits earned by high school students in UW Summer Sessions can also be transferred to other colleges and universities.

Note that enrollment in Summer Sessions does not constitute admission to the UW. To apply for admission as a degree-seeking student, visit the UW Office of Admissions website.

Summer Foreign Language Offerings

Learn a language this summer and get a head start on college requirements. The UW offers one of the country’s largest intensive foreign language summer programs. Choose from courses in everything from American Sign Language to Swahili.