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Summer Sessions

Online Courses

UW Summer Sessions offers a select number of traditionally online courses. Designed to be offered online, these courses are regular credit courses taught by UW faculty and follow the same academic schedule as other Summer Sessions courses. 

Course formats and technology requirements vary. To learn more about an individual course, click on course name below. For information on registering for these and other courses, see the How to Register page.

Check this page for updates since new courses may be added before summer quarter starts. 

Find Your Course

Search for available courses using the UW Time Schedule or UW My Plan. You can also browse featured online courses below. 

UW Time Schedule

The UW Seattle Time Schedule shows all courses available on the UW Seattle campus during summer quarter, with courses broken down by individual college and academic department, such as the College of Arts and Sciences. 

To use the Time Schedule, click on the college name at the top of the page, then select a subject to see all the courses offered. Click on a course title to view its description in the course catalog.

If a course is offered online, it is noted in the course information in the Time Schedule (e.g., “Group-Start Online Course”).

For online offerings offered by other campuses, see the time schedules for UW Tacoma and UW Bothell.

UW MyPlan

The UW MyPlan site is an academic planning tool that allows you to search by course topic, course title and course level. You can filter your search by quarter, campus location, days and times.

Click on a course title to view detailed information, including course description, prerequisites, class days and times, location – including online -- and instructor name.

To login to MyPlan, you’ll need to use your UW NetID, Facebook account or Google account.

Learn more about what you can use MyPlan for.


Popular Introductory Courses (100-Level)


For information on registering for these and other courses, see Registration & Costs.