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Languages, Literature & Writing

Elementary Spanish (TSPAN 101)

This course has no description in the course catalog. Please contact the department for more details.

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Elementary Spanish (TSPAN 102)

This course continues TSPAN 101. It stresses a communicative approach to language.

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Intensive Elementary Modern Greek (JSIS E 134)

Fundamentals of oral and written modern Greek.

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Introduction to Creative Writing (TWRT 200)

Get an introduction to several genres and explore the creative writing process and terminology of imaginative expression.

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Popular Fiction & Media (ENGL 204)

Introduces students to the study of popular culture, possibly including print or visual media, understood as sites of critical reflection. Particular attention to dynamics of production and reception, aesthetics and technique, and cultural politics. Topics may foreground genres (science fiction, romance) or forms (comics, graffiti).

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Sagas of the Vikings (SCAND 270)

The medieval literary treasure known collectively as the Icelandic Family Sagas offers its readers a stunning and strange view of a time gone by, when Viking raids were righteous proof of cunning and some of the toughest warriors composed brilliant poetry on the spot. The Family Saga is typically set in rural Iceland and thus portrays ordinary people rather than the court culture of its contemporary, European Romance. In the 10 representative sagas we read in the course a variety of subject areas come to the fore, ranging through biography, feud and justice system, pagan-Christian conversion and Viking exploration.

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Scandinavian Mythology (SCAND 330)

Conduct an integrative study of religious life in the pre-Christian North. The emphasis is on source materials, including the Prose Edda and Poetic Edda. Discuss historical, archeological and folkloric evidence.

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Understanding Literature (T LIT 101)

Develop essential tools for close and informed reading of fiction, drama and poetry. Consider how a text generates aesthetic pleasure and how it achieves moral or social impact. Develop skills in literary analysis through reading literary texts, discussion and critical writing.

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