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In order to put safety and health first, not only for our community, but for the public we serve, the full and A terms of Summer Quarter will be offered remotely. Most B term courses will also be offered remotely.

Geography & History

Ancient Roman History (HSTAM 302)

Political, social, economic and cultural development of Rome from the beginnings in the eighth century B.C. to the beginning of the Middle Ages.

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Empires & Imperialism in World History (T HIST 260)

Examine the history of the Roman, Chinese, Mongol, Ottoman and Modern European empires along with imperialism from ancient to modern times. Topics include empire as historical pattern related to political, economic and cultural spheres of influence and exchange.

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Filipino Histories (HSTCMP 205)

What is the relationship between colonialism and nationalism, between politics and religion, and between language and society? This question guides a survey of the histories, cultures and politics of Filipinos and the Philippines. Topics include precolonial societies, Spanish and American colonial rule, the rise of nationalism, the Revolution and the First Republic, the Filipino-American war, the Japanese occupation, the postcolonial period leading up to martial law, the recurrence of peasant, communist and Muslim rebellions, the beginnings of the Filipino diaspora, and the persistence of elite rule amid changing conditions of neo-colonialism and post-colonial globalization.

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Introduction to Globalization (GEOG 123)

Provides an introduction to the debates over globalization. Focuses on the growth and intensification of global ties. Addresses the resulting inequalities and tensions, as well as the new opportunities for cultural and political exchange. Topics include the impacts on government, finance, labor, culture, the environment, health, and activism.

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Modern Korea (T HIST 466)

Trace Korea's transition from traditional Asian state to modern nation emerging on the world economic scene. Explore how, because of its geographic location, Korea has suffered chaotic change in the modern period. Examine Korean society, culture and politics, looking at Korea's time as a Japanese colony, the division of Korea, the Korean War and recent developments.

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World History: Prehistory to 1500 (T HIST 150)

Survey the social, political, economic and cultural history of the world from prehistory to the 15th century. Course cannot be taken if you have already taken TCXG 230.

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World History II: 1500 to Present (T HIST 151)

Survey the social, political, economic and cultural history of the world from the end of the 15th century to the present.

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